Our Story


Based in the quaint town of Alhambra, California, Honey B was created by Dynashape Intima Corp., a company founded in 1984 that designed and manufactured intimate apparel primarily for large retailers. But luxury shouldn’t be a privilege. Honey B brings comfortable, sexy lingerie directly to you or your special someone.


Inspired by the busy, modern lady, Honey B was created to empower the women of today. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to “B” comfortably sexy, everyday.

We're here to bring back beauty as power in its most natural and accessible form: the female body. By celebrating something we all have that uniquely defines us, Honey B is a testament that everyone can have the luxury of being comfortable and sexy. We weave our apparel with simplicity and fit to create an elegance that celebrates the female physique, in all forms. That is power.

At Honey B, we construct our idea of beauty, sexiness as comfort and accessibility. Everyone should enjoy something beautiful and sexy. We begin that vision by sharing our lingerie with you.

“Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have.” -Margaret Mead

Behind The Name

The origins of the name comes not from the insect, the honey bee, but rather the endearing phrase we use with our significant other. We see clothing as an extension of ourselves, an extension of our own skin. We want to allow our customers to feel confident and proud of their bodies. We coined this term to celebrate their femininity and physique, so anyone can say, "Honey, b sexy."

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