How to Care for Your Intimate Apparel

A lot of women forget the value of wearing a nice fitting bra that keeps them comfortable and confident all day. While buying a high quality bra can bring you the support you need underneath your clothes, knowing how to properly care for your intimate apparel can save you from any discomfort and will let you enjoy your intimate wears for a long period of time.

Intimate apparel care

Here are some of our tried and tested tips to care for your lingerie.

Hand wash your lingerie

Unlike your other clothes, lingerie is often made with lace, silk, satin, or sheer fabric that can be damaged when washed through the washing machine. Some even has ribbons, jewels, and ornate stitches that definitely need special care and attention. Gently wash your intimate apparel, especially those padded bras with underwire, by hand. Separate dark colored ones from the light colored lingerie to keep the color of your intimates.

Use a lingerie bag

For everyday undergarments and other intimate apparel safe for machine wash, make sure to use lingerie bag before putting it in the machine. This prevents your lingerie from catching on other things inside the washer. Also make sure to fasten all hooks and clasps before loading it. Wash it separate from your other clothes such as jeans or towels.

Use cold water and mild soap when washing

Cold water helps the elastic materials of your bras and panties regain their stretch. Doing this practice helps keep bra straps and garters retain their shape for a long time. Another great tip when washing your lingerie is to use mild soap instead of usual detergent powders. Some even use baby shampoos to keep their intimates from fading.

To get rid of tough dirt, especially at the back portion of your bra and other areas, always use soft brush or used toothbrush. This will help keep your undergarments clean and spotless everyday.

Never put your underwear in the dryer

After washing your intimate apparel, it’s important to remember to never put your lingerie in the dryer. The heat can damage the elasticity of your precious pieces and will render them useless sooner than you want it to be.

Don’t wring, bend, or twist your lingerie

Another important thing to remember to keep your lingerie looking great is to avoid wringing, bending or twisting your intimates. Bustiers, Babydolls, chemises and shapewears can easily get deformed when not taken care of properly. Show your lingerie some love by squeezing it gently and allowing it to air dry.

Lastly, remember to rotate wearing your lingerie to let them regain their form for at least a few days to a week. Wearing them frequently will make them look tattered and ugly quickly. Keep a collection of your lingerie and care for them properly so you can enjoy wearing comfortable intimate apparel everyday.

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