Simple ways to take care of your intimates drawer

Many women encounter their bras deteriorating before their own eyes, all because they do not know how to properly take care of their intimate apparel! Keep reading to find out how to maintain your intimates like new!

1. Maintain like new

  • After removing from the wash, try to remold the cups with your hands. It is important to keep the molded cup in its original shape.
  • Do not stretch the band too much when putting on your bras, since this will wear out the elastic and make the band size bigger.
  • Remember to adjust the straps and not to pull on them too hard.
  • Do not scrunch your panties in a ball; this will cause wrinkles and the fabric may never form back into shape.
  • Do not use regular bras as sports bras. Intense exercise stresses bras through sweat damage and stretching.
  • Wear proper bras: demi, t-shirt, wireless, slight push-up bras are for work or school. Sports bras are for exercising. Wired, strapless, plunge bras are for a night out. Use only swimsuits for swimming; excessive water may not seem harmful, but it can ruin the body of the fabric and cause it to lose shape.

2. How often to wear:

Many women have a favorite bra, but it is important to realize that bras need rest too!

  • Rotate bras so that they are not worn everyday or back-to-back.
  • Wear the same bra no more than 2-3 times a week. It is important to have at least 3-5 basic everyday bras, whether for lounging, work, or school.
  • A different panty for a different day. Have enough panties for 2 weeks, so they are properly rotated. A woman should own at least 14-25 panties in her drawer, so stock up!

3. How often to wash:

  • Sports bras used for Zumba, weightlifting, jogging and other intense workouts should be washed immediately after use.
  • Basic everyday bras should be washed after 3-4 uses on regular days and 1-2 uses on hot sweaty days.
  • Washing your bra too often can wear out the fibers in the fabric, causing them to become loose and weak. The stitches from the bra can also come undone and cause the bra to fall apart slowly- plus, no one wants to get stabbed by their own wired bra!

Washing delicates

4. How to wash: laundry bag, hand-wash, care label, proper detergent, and hand-dry

  • If you are washing your bra in the washing machine, remember to use a lingerie laundry bag. This unique mesh bag keeps the bra from getting tangled or twisted with other apparel.

Lingerie laundry bag

  • Using your hand to wash your bra is the best care. Apply detergent to your fingers and gently massage your panties or bra. Apply water, dab with towel and hang dry flat.
  • When in doubt, read the care label. The care label provides all the information on how the fabric should be specially treated or washed.


  • Proper detergent should be gentle, such as delicate care Woolite.


  • Hang-dry flat. Try to avoid the dryer as much as possible, since the heat ruins the shape and elasticity of the bra, and can also damage the fabric. Do not wring your bras, just dab them gently with a towel and lay them flat to dry. Try to avoid hanging them, as this can cause stretching.

5. How to properly store away: Organization is important when storing them in your drawer!

  • Do not stack bras on top of each other.
  • Do organize one behind the other so they keep their shape longer.
  • Fold panties to where the gusset (crotch area) is on the inside, also organized behind each other.
  • Simply use the stores such as Victoria’s Secret or Lane Bryant for guidelines and inspiration.

Drawer Display

There you have it, simple ways to keep your intimates drawer looking and feeling like new!

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