Day and Night Makeup Looks

Day and Night Makeup Looks:

We all can have a love-hate relationship with makeup. Sometimes it works, and maybe sometimes it doesn’t. Whether you may be a makeup professional or beginner, this article is just for you. Many times it is difficult to figure out how to do makeup for the day and for the night. Here are a couple tips and inspiration images for some makeup looks by Jaclyn Hill. Jaclyn Hill is a famous makeup artist that posts YouTube tutorials on how to do various looks. She describes each product, such as where to buy it and shows a step-by-step on how to complete the desired look. Her can-do attitude helps make it an easy process. Below are three day looks and three night looks. Some of them are day looks that can transfer to night looks. All looks are images of Jaclyn Hill in her completed look from her recent YouTube tutorials.

Day looks:

  1. This is an everyday look that was completed with Elcie Cosmetics foundation shade name: Natural.


  1. This is a Beach natural look. Highlight was completed by Champagne Pop.
  1. Day and Night Look: Bright eyes and bold lip, perfect for going to work then going to dinner with friends after.

Day to Night

  1. Day to Night Look: Subtle but bold for an important meeting and Friday night out with the girls later.Day & Night out

Night Looks:

  1. Bombshell: Perfect for a birthday party, fun night out, or a sexy date night.


  1. Date Night: This gives a pop to the eyes to help your date keep their eyes on you.

Date Night

  1. Fall look! The Purple Smokey eye just in time for the fall.

Fall Purple

Enjoy these six day and night looks. Any questions? Feel free to comment. All products are recommended used by Jaclyn Hill in her YouTube Tutorials.


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