Lingerie Talk: Sexy Facts About Your Intimate Apparel

A lot of women from all over the world own different types of lingerie or intimate apparel. From bra sets, babydolls, boyshorts or g-strings, there are a whole lot of undergarment to suit any lady's taste and lifestyle.

Underwear is an essential part of women's outfit and most of the time, we draw our confidence to accomplish whatever activity we have during the day with the knowledge that we're wearing our best pair of lingerie underneath. It's just a little detail but, it surely boosts our confidence and make us feel comfortable throughout the day.

But have you ever wondered what panty style most women wear or what color ladies your age prefer to wear? This week at Honey B, we're showing you an infographic that will tell you some fun trivia and cool facts about your lingerie.

sexy fact about your intimate apparel

Remember to share this infographic to your friends or pin it on your Pinterest board for future reference. Who knows, you might be able to spice up your conversations with your friends by sharing these sexy lingerie facts.


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