The Secrets to Buying the Most Comfortable Lingerie

Wearing the right lingerie can absolutely turn your ordinary everyday outfit to something sexier by giving you the right shape and support. It also boosts your confidence by giving you a smooth silhouette no matter what kind of outfit you’re wearing.

Tips on how to buy coomfortable lingerie

Buying high quality lingerie can definitely make you look great, but does it make you feel comfortable too? With 80% of women wearing the wrong size of underwear, it’s almost hard to imagine how a lot of women put up with the discomfort of wearing lingerie that is too tight or even too loose everyday.

An ill-fitting bra or panty can pose some serious danger to your health. A bra that is too tight can cause bad posture, can increase back and shoulder pain, and can even make your breasts sag faster. On the other hand, a bikini that is too small for your size can also increase the risk of urinary track infection and in some instances, cause skin irritation down there.

To ensure that you’re wearing lingerie that can make you look and feel great, there are some shopping tricks that you should always remember.

1. Find the bra or panty style that suits you best
Women are born in different shapes and sizes. This also means that what normally works for your girl friends doesn’t necessarily work for you as well. Try on different bra and panty styles and decide which one gives you the coverage and support you need, especially when doing activities such as working out or engaging in your favorite sports.

2. Regularly take your body measurement
Believing that you are still in the same size as last year can cause you to purchase the wrong pair of lingerie. Women tend to lose or gain weight during pregnancy, or with the change of lifestyle or career. This is why it is highly important to take your body measurement before purchasing a new pair of bra and panty.

3. Choose high quality fabric
Investing your money on high quality lingerie not only make you feel good, but, also ensure your comfort and well-being. When shopping for lingerie, always go for cotton as it breathes well and allows moisture to evaporate quickly, keeping you dry and clean throughout the day. When going for lace panties and bras, make sure to check if it has the necessary softness and smoothness that can protect you against itching problem in the future.

Remember that you’ll be wearing your lingerie all day, so don’t even think of going for low quality ones that will make you feel uneasy or irritated. Also remember to care for your lingerie the right way so you can enjoy the comforts of your intimate apparels for a long period of time.

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