Finding the Perfect Bra for Different Body Shape

A lot of men are puzzled with the way women shop, especially when it comes to shoes, accessories, dresses and even lingerie. But for us ladies, taking our sweet time when inside the shopping mall is not just a therapeutic experience, but an essential part of the process if we want to find the perfect piece to add in our wardrobe.BUYING MISTAKES

One of the most complicated things to shop for when it comes to intimate apparel is a good, perfectly fitted bra. With all the different bra styles and designs available in the market nowadays, you have to know how each type can affect your movement and overall appearance.

Most of us are roughly 85% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. However, if you really want to get a bra that actually fits and looks good on you, you have to go beyond body measurement and start thinking about how a particular bra style can fit your body. A good fitting bra gives you a better silhouette and emphasizes your assets in a very subtle way.

Here are some tips to help you get the right fitting bra for your body.

Pear Shape

Having full bottom and heavy thighs are a big problem for pear shaped ladies. By wearing the right bra, you can help take the eyes away from your hips and bring the attention to the upper part of your body. If you have small breasts, try wearing demi bras or push up bras to give you a good lift that will balance out your curvy bottom. Putting on a shape wear can also help you achieve a more flattering look under your dress.

Hourglass Shape

Having an hourglass shaped body can be the envy of a lot of women. To further emphasize your best features, it’s important to get the right sized bra that can give you the best coverage for your breasts.

If you love wearing a dress with a low neckline, opting for a plunge bra or a balcony will surely give you the right silhouette. But if you’re after bras that will let you have more movement, wearing a minimiser bra or full cup bra will surely give you more comfort as you go through a busy day.

Rectangle Shape

A lot of women get a little disappointed when they look at their fairly straight up bodies. With the right bra type, you can create an illusion of curves and gives you more flattering silhouette. Getting a sexy push up bra will definitely add volume on your chest. You can also try wearing a bustier or corsets to give you dramatic curves.
Aside from giving us support, our bra also plays a big role in giving us a more feminine outline underneath any type of outfit we’d like to wear.

Do you have other bra shopping secrets? Share your stories with us and let other ladies benefit from your fashion discoveries.

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