Getting the Confidence to Wear Sexy Lingerie

Here’s a scenario: You’re walking inside a shopping mall on a weekend. You’re buying shoes, clothes and accessories to freshen up your outdated wardrobe. Then you passed by a newly opened lingerie store with all those lacy, sexy, tasteful and interesting lingerie pieces displayed in their window.

Get The Confidence to Wear  Sexy Lingerie

How would you feel? Would you feel extremely thrilled with the thought of wearing it? Or would you blush, feel little awkward, and just slowly walk away as if you haven’t seen anything?

If you fall on the first category, well, congratulations! You may go ahead and buy as many pairs of lingerie as you want. But if you’re among the latter, let us first assure you that you are not alone.

There are a lot of ladies out there who haven’t tried wearing sexy lingerie all their life. Some ladies even wait until their wedding night to have an excuse to wear sexy intimate apparel. Although there might be a lot of reasons behind this, the most common is the lack of self confidence when it comes to looking or feeling sexy.

Whether it’s your first time to wear sexy babydolls or chemises, or just looking for a way to wear lingerie better, here are some of our tips on how you can feel more confident when wearing a sexy pair of nightwear

1. Ask for some help

To be confident in your lingerie, it’s important to get the right fit, the right color that suits you or the right style that keeps you comfortable in your own skin. If you don’t know how to pick the perfect lingerie, go ask one of your girlfriends to accompany you to a lingerie store. You can also go to intimate apparel store online and look for lingerie pieces that most likely fit you. Get feedback from your friends by sending them a photo of your desired item. Don’t forget to ask tips about how to spot quality intimate apparel and how to wear it correctly.

Approaching a store staff in a lingerie store can also help you a great deal so don’t forget to approach them when you need to clarify something about your lingerie choice.

2. Know what you want

Most ladies imagine how they will look on sexy lingerie even though they don’t have plans to actually wear any. To have a clearer picture of what lingerie you'd like to wear, kook for inspirations online or read lingerie blog to help you come up with a style that makes you feel confident and comfortable at the same time. Also try out different types of materials to know which one works well on you.

3. Dress according to your body type

A lot of ladies feel insecure about the shape of their body or the way their skin sags especially after pregnancy. Have the confidence to wear a lingerie by getting a lingerie style that accents your best features and hides your problem areas. Remember that aside from looking good, your comfort is still top priority. Soon you will feel more relaxed and at ease every time you wear your favorite lingerie.


How about you? How did you gain the confidence when it comes to wearing your intimate apparel? We'd love to share your stories! Share it with us.

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