How to Keep Your Intimate Apparel in Shape

Ladies, you don’t have to wear something short and skimpy just to feel sexy every day. Sometimes, knowing that you’re wearing your best lingerie underneath your office clothes or casual wear is enough to make you feel confident wherever you go.20

Perfectly fitted lingerie gives you a sexy silhouette and emphasizes your best assets in a very subtle way. So whatever outfit you decide to wear on your date, while doing your grocery shopping or hanging out with your girlfriends, you know you’re properly supported and covered in all the right places.

But to enjoy the beauty of your intimate apparel for a long time, you have to make sure they are all properly cared for and stored the right way. Keeping them in shape ensures your comfort and keeps you looking great with or without your clothes on.

Below are some lingerie care tips that you must always remember.

1. Don’t wash your bras too frequently
Here’s a secret: You don’t have to wash your bras after every wear. You can even wear them at least two to three times before you have to wash them. Washing your bras frequently can affect the foam used in padded bras and may affect the elasticity of your bra straps. Also make sure to rotate wearing your bras to avoid wearing them out easily. Panties should be washed after every use. Wearing thin panty liners can also help keep you and lingerie fresh and smelling great.

2. Hand wash and air dry delicate items
Aside from hand washing your intimate wears; you should also remember to never ever put your lingerie in the dryer. The extreme heat in this machine can make your bras and panties stiff and rough. Instead, keep it a habit to hang your bras by the strap and your panties by the garter and let it dry away from direct sunlight.

3. Fold and store your lingerie the right way
If you love wearing sexy and dainty lingerie, you might be owning more lingerie sets than you actually wear. To keep them in their top condition, remember to fold and store them the right way so you can avoid getting your bras and camisoles deformed. Group your intimates by type and use an inexpensive drawer divider to keep them in place.

Fold bras once cup into the other to keep the shape of your bra and to save as much space in your drawer. If you have enough space, you can simply line up your bras with the cups facing outward. Babydolls and cami sets with wires should never be folded and should be hanged inside your closet instead.

4. Use travel case for your bras
Lingerie can be very challenging to pack, especially if you have to travel light. To secure your lingerie inside your luggage, use travel cases for bras and separate bags for your panties. This way, you get to keep your lingerie in their best shape and you can easily grab your intimates whenever you need to change.

Do you have other useful tips when it comes to keeping the beautiful shape of your lingerie? Share it with us and to the rest of our readers by hitting the comment section below.

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