Lingerie Buying Mistakes You Should Avoid

Stepping inside a lingerie store or browsing through different lingerie selections online can be a bit overwhelming. Let’s admit it. Choosing from different lingerie styles, fabrics, and designs can be simply too much to take in. By the end of the day, we are often left with the result of our shopping hit and miss and that awful feeling of ripped off for something that is not exactly worth our money.

Lingerie Buying Tips You Should Know

See all those barely used bras and bikinis in your closet? That must be a result of hasty shopping last payday or your attempt to save a couple of bucks on the latest clearance sale!
If you’re already tired of wearing ill-fitting bras or those embarrassing panty lines, it’s time to reconsider your lingerie shopping practices and start getting the right lingerie that gives you the comfort and support you deserve.

Below are the most common lingerie buying mistakes and some practical ways on how you can avoid them.

Buying mistake #1 - Failing to take your measurement

In case you haven’t noticed yet, we women gain or lose weight from time to time. If you decided to take your diet seriously and have been really successful in shedding off those extra pounds, taking your measurement before buying a new pair of bra or knickers will let you wear a more comfortable intimate apparel. This also applies if you have recently given birth or have undergone surgery that significantly affected your body weight and shape.

Buying mistake #2 – Buying lingerie styles just because it’s trendy

We all love Victoria Beckham and the way she looks stunning wearing those lingerie in her latest billboard appearance, but should you really purchase those styles because it looks perfect on her? Before jumping on any fashion trend, take time to consider your personal style and comfort. A particular lingerie style doesn't work for everybody so always think twice before swiping your credit card or clicking that buy button.

Buying mistakes #3 – Buying without fitting

Lingerie brands follow different sizing designations depending on the style or type of bra they offer. If you want to get the right fit, it’s important to try on their bras and other lingerie pieces before going to the counter. When buying online, you might want to consider buying few pieces first to see how their sizes fit your body.

Buying mistakes #4 – Getting the same style over and over again

We all have favorites when it comes to our lingerie and it’s perfectly reasonable to go for that lingerie style every time we visit a lingerie store. But we wear different types of outfit everyday and we attend different occasions, too. If you’re thinking that it’s okay to wear that one lingerie style with all your dresses, you might be making a big mistake. Just look at how it fails to give you the lift you need for that evening dress with plunging neckline or how your bikini shows all the lines underneath that butt hugging jeans.

Start taking your lingerie collection seriously and buy lingerie styles that give your body the right support and comfort you need.

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