The Best Panty Style that Helps Eliminate Visible Panty Lines

Shopping for lingerie requires a lot of skills and talent. Aside from looking for the right lingerie size, colors, fabric and style, you still have to consider which brands offer the best value for your money. Aside from that, you also have to imagine how it will make you look after putting on your clothes and how it will keep everything looking great underneath.

Get RId of Visible Panty Line

A good fitting intimate apparel works like magic when it comes to hiding your problem areas while giving you the right lift where you need it most. But despite our skills to spot the best lingerie in town, there are still some circumstances that will make us wish for a better pair of lingerie or wish we have more money to afford high quality intimates.

Take for example those ugly panty lines that cut through the butt cheeks living our behind with that awkward, and saggy, unappealing look. Although there are some ladies who don’t want to make a great deal out of VPLs, or visible panty lines, it’s still hard to imagine how anyone can go walking around the streets with their butt getting all the unnecessary attention for all the wrong reasons.

Visible panty lines are not just embarrassing. It also ruins the silhouette of your body when you’re wearing skinny jeans, mini skirts, slacks or dresses. So if you’re planning to wear a beautiful dress on your dinner date, or thinking of wearing that light colored pants to work, it’s time to invest on a panty style that helps eliminate VPLs.

Below are some lingerie styles that you should include in your wardrobe.

1. Thongs

– if you want the simplest solution to your problems, then thongs it is! Some ladies just love the way it keep things neat and basically hassle free. Plus it brings out your natural and sexy side no matter what outfit you wear.

2. Boyshorts

– yes, that super comfortable panty style is surely a must have for number of reasons and one of them is the way it helps eliminate VPL. The best thing about boyshort is that it goes under the butt cheek instead of cutting across it making it less visible compared to other panty styles.

3. Lace Panties

– thin luscious lace provides a smooth line underneath your clothes making it virtually invisible under tight jeans and dresses. Just make sure to get the right fit so it won’t look lumpy with heavy movement.

4. Seamless panties

– for that barely there look and feel, going for seamless panties are also highly advisable. You can find a lot of brands offering this style so all you have to do is pick up the ones that gives you the comfort and effect that you need.

5. Body shaper

aside from reducing panty lines, body shapers also gives you the right support and shaping around the torso area making sure that you look great in all the right places. If you’re wearing a dress or a gown, wearing body shaper will surely give you the confidence you need anywhere you go.

How about you? Do you also hate VPLs? Share us your tricks on how you reduce panty lines by hitting the comment section below.

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