Lingerie Malfunctions and How to Avoid it

Women spend a great deal of shopping time just to get the right piece of lingerie to wear with anything from office outfit to formal dress and casual ensemble. Because it covers the most intimate parts of our body, giving lingerie shopping a time is definitely a must.

How To Avoid Lingerie MalfunctionUnlike accessories or other outerwear, you can’t just simply pick a bra set or bikini and wish for it to magically fit around your body. A not-so-well-thought lingerie can cause all kinds of discomfort and uneasiness. Aside from that, it can also put you in some compromising situations that will you wish you can just go home and change into something more appropriate.

If you haven’t been paying attention to the lingerie you are wearing, there’s a great chance that your underclothes played a big role in your most embarrassing stories. Falling bra straps? Visible panty lines? Camel toes? There are a lot of wardrobe malfunctions that can happen just because we forget to pick the right intimate apparel. Below are the most popular lingerie malfunctions and what you can do to avoid it.

1. Strapless bra disaster

If you’re going to a party or any occasion that will make you jumping and dancing around, you might want to wear something more secure than a pair of strapless bra. We all know that a strapless bra is ideal especially when you’re wearing tube dress or one strap top, but some unexpected turn of events can cause your bra to go where it shouldn’t making it look like you have misplaced breast somewhere.

To avoid it, consider wearing stick on bra which has adhesives that can let it stick where it should. If you’re wearing a dress, you can also opt to have additional pads sewn on your dress for better peace of mind.

2. Peekaboo Moments

Whatever you’re wearing, the “ladies” should be properly covered at all times. However, if they happen to peekaboo at certain moment in your life, be prepared to act quickly or face unfathomable embarrassment. Nip slip or your breast popping out, or your bra trying to peek out from your dress may be caused by a lot of things but mainly poor choice of bra and wrong bra size.

If you’re planning to wear low neckline tops or dresses with plunging necklines, make sure to pick the right bra style for your wear. Balconette or demi cup bras are ideal for low cut dress compared to full coverage bras. Keep your breasts properly covered by getting your cup size correctly. Make sure the twins won’t try to escape anytime of the day by wearing the right bra size.

3. Sheer clothing

Most of us think that being a head turner is a good thing but you won’t want to turn heads for all the wrong reasons, right? Wearing the right bra under a sheer top can help make you look more fashionable but wearing the wrong one will surely make everyone looking at your clothes in a weird and awkward way. Give your lingerie a second thought when you’re wearing sheer clothes and always look at the mirror to see if there’s anything that should be changed or improved.

If you’re planning to show off your bra, a black classy brassiere will look sexy over black sheer blouse. However, if you’re trying to make it less obvious, wearing nude colored bra is definitely a better way to go.

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