The Perks of Bringing Your Guy with You When Buying a Lingerie

It is a god given fact that most men and shopping don’t go well together. That’s why this might come as a surprise to you. And although it may sound a bit weird and awkward, even taboo for some (Thank goodness for online intimate apparel stores!), there are some advantages in taking him with you to shop for a piece of intimate clothing.

The Perks of Bringing Your Guy When Buying a Lingerie Screengrab from the movie, Elf

That is, if they’re willing enough to accompany you. Just be sure you won’t take long… Or maybe in this some cases, they’ll enjoy it!

Here are some of the reasons why you should go lingerie shopping with your guy:

Guys Can Point out some Details

And by details, it means embellishments, colors, cuts and styles that best suit your body. Your guy knows better when it comes to these kinds of stuff. In fact, guys who unconsciously pick the right and perfect lingerie for their girlfriends are the ones who just had their first time entering a lingerie shop, which is amazing if your think about it.

In addition, letting your partner accompany you in shopping for intimate wear may be a great help in choosing the lingerie that will complement not only your body, but your style.

A Crash Course to your Body

There’s an old belief that if a guy knows your bra size, then he’s the one. Up to you on whether to believe this old notion or not, but as for your guy, bringing them to a lingerie shop is like giving him an exclusive crash course everything about your body. This way, he will be able to know everything he needs to learn about you, inside and out. Besides, it better this way than catching your mate snooping around the room looking for your bra and panties.

Guys Know “Sexy” When They See It

Of course, every girl’s default impulse when deciding to get a new nightwear is to call their girlfriends to accompany them. That’s fine and completely understandable because in a common scenario, that’s what we do! However, when your bestfriend compliments your figure as you try on the perfect lingerie that fits well, they’re just telling you that you’ve got the right size, and not really saying “you’re very attractive on that”. In a guy’s world, that’s like asking a fellow buff if his abs is sexy.

When you go shopping for a set of lingerie with your boyfriend or hubby, and ask his opinion about a particular lingerie, trust his comment. Guys know “sexy” when they see one, and if he says you look stunningly sexy in that babydoll set that you tried on, take their word for it.

You’re Basically Spending Quality Time Together

It may occur to most girls that shopping can be a guy’s recurring nightmare. But in this case, it is more of a bonus. In most cases, guys tend to dodge going to the mall and spend time sitting and waiting patiently for you. So this means he wants to spend time with you in a way that you both going to enjoy. Guys who are willing and confident enough to endure the sheer awkwardness to be spotted inside a lingerie shop is a gold catch and as rare as a unicorn, so might as well make the most out of it.

Do you ladies agree with this? Feel free to share your thoughts! Hit us up with some comments…

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