BODY AND BEATS: Songs To Pump Up Your Lingerie Mood


Scientific studies show that 92% of women around the world who wear lingerie are much likely to spend time listening to their favorite music rather than engaging in sexual intimacy.

Okay, we just made that up. GOTCHA!!!

Kidding aside, perhaps it is safe to say that music and intimate apparel can go hand-in-hand when it comes to building up the mood, right?

Honey b body and beatsSo here’s a question: Ever wonder what type of music would you associate with your lingerie mood? Or better yet, songs that can best describe your entire lingerie collection to heighten up the vibe that goes with it whenever you put them on?

Being the audiophile that we are, here’s our HoneyB Body and Beats Lingerie Playlist

1. What’s Beneath: Evening Romance Babydoll Set

Beats: Bump N’ Grind by R. Kelly

The flowy, not-so-showy design of this lingerie is simply a mastery of teasing as it lays out a classy take on your inner-sexiness. Overjudging aside, just by looking at this intimate apparel makes you think twice to wear it, as it imposes a bipolar outflow of naughtiness and sophistication. To encapsulate, this lingerie pretty much says, “my mind is telling me NO! But my body, MY BODY is telling me YES!!!” A word of advice, DO IT!

2. What’s Beneath: Peachy Lace Chemise

Beats: Son Of A Preacher Man by Dusty Springfield

Because you need a classic tune to compliment the classic lace design that can turn a cold night into a steamy one. And what better way to do it than to crank up a Dusty Springfield song while lighting up few scented candles to spruce up the ambiance. Perhaps, a glass of wine to top it all off. Now, that’s what we like to call, “lounge act”.

3. What’s Beneath: Elegance Babydoll Set

Beats: Crash Into Me by Dave Matthews Band

Bring on the ball and chain, as this alluring satin babydoll with criss-cross accent and embroidered floral pattern unleashes the innocent, yet flirtatious side of you. Approaching the line, “hike up your skirt a little more…” gives plus points to your feel-good appeal.  Pats self on the shoulder

4. What’s Beneath: Italian Laced Lilly Babydoll

Beats: All The Way by Frank Sinatra

Here’s the trick: Wear this floral laced babydoll and just allow the airy lace caress your body. By the time it gets to the “ALL THE WAAAAY” part, make sure to sing along to it in your most soothing voice.  A great way to flatter your body while giving a nod to the greatest Italian singer. Now, #SeeWhatWeDidThere?

5. What’s Beneath: Solid Standout Sports Bra

Beats: Hit Me Baby One More Time by Britney Spears

Ladies of the 90s will definitely get this. For those young padawan learners, there was a time when Britney was all too sweet and tweetums to be provocative. And the closest thing to being sexy was to don a pink sports bra, white drawstring pants and a pair of Sketchers while mouthing “oh, baby, baby!” That’s why Hit Me Baby is the darn song to listen while sporting this undergarment. Brings back memories, right?

6. What’s Beneath: Amour Crotchless

Beats: Spice Up Your Life by Spice Girls

The idea may sound a little odd, but crotchless panties are designed for some good reasons. One of them, being simply to feel comfortable and “liberating”… To spice things up, if you will, especially when the so-called significant other is just in the other room. Nonetheless, crotchless undergarments are more than just a kinky juxtaposition. It somehow exemplifies a taste of freedom or emancipation that every woman should experience once in a while.

7. What’s Beneath: Subtle Harlequin Comfort Set

Beats: Easy by Faith No More

Here’s another intimate apparel that lends a lounge-y feel, especially for those lazy Sunday afternoon, when all you want to do is to unwind, relax and enjoy the rest of the day doing nothing. Or perhaps, while running through some pages from Jane Austen and Nick Hornby as the chorus to this Commodores-original waves through the entire room.

8. What’s Beneath: Jacquard Boyshorts

Beats: Bed Peace by Jhene Aiko feat. Childish Gambino

Ah, those carefree days with your partner when time seems to stand still, cuddling under the sheets as the chill vibe of this tuneage instigates a playful yet romantic picture of being casual and comfortable with each other. Hence, this is the perfect and balanced intimate wear for those typical mornings with your significant other. A pair of plain, classic boyshorts with no side-drama, whatsoever. The song may be too explicit, but you’ll get the picture.

9. What’s Beneath: Santa’s Sweetheart Bustier Set

Beats: Baby, It’s Cold Outside by Norah Jones and Willie Nelson

Apropos during the holidays… Or at least if you feel like spending a night thinking about Christmas, here’s a lingerie that will best suit your yuletide yearnings by the fireplace while being serenated by contemporary singer Norah Jones and country music legend Willie Nelson to the tune of this classic winter love song.

10. What’s Beneath: Simply Pointelle Briefs

Beats: Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin

We all can’t deny the fact how comfortable and natural granny panties are. And these pairs are the ones that can give you that familiar sense of ease and warmth that you’re looking for in an undergarment. This goes without saying that it will indeed make you feel like a natural woman… (WOMAAAANN)
Mind you, the slightest out-of-place sound can be a deal-breaker, which in most cases, ends up ruining your entire day. That’s why background music matters whether for intimacy or even for your casual time-alone. You definitely wouldn’t want to hear Barney’s opening theme in the midst of your contemplation, would you? So, pump up the volume, get in the zone and turnt up on that girly vibe! Also, YOU’RE WELCOME!

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