Bold and Free: Plus Size Lingerie to Feel Comfortably Sexy This Holiday Season!

Worried about gaining holiday weight this festive season? C’mon! All girls can be sexy in their own way, regardless if you’ve had too much wine and turkey especially this string of holiday fetes. And it bothers you because you feel a bit guilty of gaining a bit of holiday weight, and not be able to pull and look flattering in a lingerie set that you’ve recently bought for yourself.

Plus Size Golden Embroidered Lace BraContrary to popular belief that wearing lingerie is only for the skinny and fit, intimate undergarments are also fitted to complement full-figured women as well. Moreover, lingerie has the ability to flatter curves in your body. This makes it equally appropriate for plus size women, as the cuts and linings effortlessly correlates well with virtually all body figures.

In its basic form, this piece of clothing not only provides an alluring accent that boosts the personality of a woman, it is also a way to uplift one’s confidence by means of praising your body with intricate designs that define an overall sense of reassurance, making it applicable to all women. In other words, it doesn’t discriminate, as long as it goes with the right fit, and under the right mood.

That being said, how to know if the lingerie you’re vying for is the right one for you? These easy steps will help you get the perfect intimate undergarment:

Get the right size

Gone are the days of tight corsets to “correct” your figure. The secret to choosing the perfect lingerie is to know your size. Lingerie is not just about outlining your body, it’s mainly about comfort. Hence, forcing it to your actual size isn’t going to cut it.

Plus Size Evening Romance Babydoll Set


Colors are also a big factor when it comes to choosing the right undergarment for you. This will also accentuate and a distinct glow that will go well with your current mood and most importantly, your skin tone.

Patterns and Embellishment

Patterns and embellishments add sophistication and a touch of style. Furthermore, these designs are the defining factor of the lingerie, although it is always a good thing to pick something that’s simple enough to blend in with your personality. Leave the complicated tassels, buckles, garters and strings to the more “advanced” lingerie enthusiasts. You’ll get there eventually.

The Daphne Plus Size

Overall Design

This refers to the overall appearance and comfort of the lingerie once you wear it. The set may look good on you the moment you try it. On the other hand, it may give you the tight, uneasy feel after a few minutes of indulging in it, or perhaps having a hard time putting it on. That’s why it’s best to give it a few tries before finally settling on a lingerie set.

To sum up, being sexy skinny and fierce doesn’t simply encapsulates sexy. It is also about being comfortable with one’s self. More to this, it is about how to project yourself to everyone in full conviction while accepting your flaws and fully embraces it as part of your assets.

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