Wearing the Wrong Bra is More Than Just a Sin… It’s a Struggle!

Study shows that about 80% of all the women all across the globe are wearing the wrong bra size. In other words, it just goes to show that women tend to pick the wrong bra in terms of style, function and comfort without even knowing it.

So much for feeling oh, so confidently chic, how in Betty Boop’s name can you feel bold and free if you’re not even comfortable with the cups you’re wearing? And not only that! Aside from giving you enough reason to curse the heavens for feeling awkward and uneasy, wearing an incorrect pair could also ruin your entire day, not to mention your overall character.

Wearing the wrong braThat’s why it’s not just a cardinal sin in the world of womanhood. It’s a struggle… And here are some of the facts you should know about wearing the wrong bra.

It causes back, neck and shoulder pain, resulting to bad posture

Aside from those nasty band marks and excruciating pain you’re already enduring from underwire, wearing the wrong pair of bra can also negatively contributes tension on your shoulders (thus, the marks) as it drags your figure lower than the usual, resulting to serious back, shoulder and neck pains, even headaches. What’s far worse is that it can also affect your posture.

It virtually doesn’t support anything

Wearing a loose-fitting bra will be nothing but an additional clutter that’s dangling on your chest, as it holds pretty much nothing. So what’s the use, right? It’s like bringing an unsharpened number 2 pencil on your SAT. Literally and metaphorically, it’s pointless.

You can’t stay classy

Just how on earth will you be able to pull a class act if your boob harness is getting in the way, showing a bit of your side or under boob? Or perhaps constantly hiking up or sagging down in the middle of something as you constantly try to reposition it properly. That’s minus 10 points for sloppiness.

It basically ruins your ensemble

Imagine you’re in a gala, wearing a dainty sophisticated gown. Then everyone is beginning to notice just how racy and tacky your bra is the moment the spotlight directly hits you. Not good, right? Wrong pair of bra can easily turn your gown from fab to flop. Unless you’re aiming to be tagged as both fashion victim and fashion criminal.

You want to stay fit, but your bra doesn’t want to

It will be weird enough to see you running around the park doing your active routine while wearing a push up or a half-cup bra instead of a sports bra. Given the fact that it will only give you the burden of uncomfortable and unnecessary bounce, sporting the wrong bra in the midst of your strenuous workout may result to wardrobe malfunction.

To cap this all up, keep in mind that every inch and every detail is important when it comes to supporting your womanhood regardless of the activities you’re in. Otherwise, you’ll be the one to suffer the inconveniences brought by wearing the wrong pair of bra.

To put it in simple words, “If it doesn’t fit, it won’t sit!”

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