Appropriate Undergarments to Wear when Dressing Up for a Formal Party

Aside from the much-anticipated New Year celebration, January marks the start of the awards season in Hollywood. That means expect flooding of news articles and photos of celebrities gracing the red carpet with their Armanis, Versaces, De la Rentas and Miu Mius? Which means it’s time for some fashion trendspotting and yes, the hyped anticipation for wardrobe malfunctions and nip-slips.
Appropriate Undergarments to Wear when Dressing Up for a Formal PartyWhich brings us to the question, “what’s the best undergarment for a formal wear?” So much for double-sided fabric tapes, strapless bras and pasties, huh?

In the case of us, commoners who are in the hopes of basking in the Tinseltown vibe as we walk down the red carpet of some important formal affair, what’s the ideal intimate apparel to pair up with a nice dress to complement your glam?

Strapless for Backless

Most ladies opt to go for bare back on most red carpet events. And what better way to ruin this staple formal attire than to unconsciously reveal a tacky strap from your bra as the limelight shines on you. Ordinary bras are never meant to be worn at such occasions, much more when wearing a backless dress. It’s a cardinal sin for fashion gurus and stylists.

Instead, go those strapless adhesive and/or convertible bras to effectively go well with your dress, or perhaps wear a bustier to highlight your luscious curves while giving you a much-needed chest support without having any fashion obstruction coming from a pesky pair of bra straps.

Color Sense is Important

Pretty much basic… Of course, why in heaven’s name would you wear a strikingly bright red-colored underwear underneath a light-colored sheer dress? Tacky, right? Just to be on the safe side, go for those skin-toned colors to go well and blend in with your glitzy form. You can also match the color of your attire to keep it camouflaged underneath your dandy-flowy ensemble.

Demi-Cups and Half-Cups to Showcase your Upper Humps

We can skip the extremely-low plunging necklines and leave them to J-Lo, Kate Hudson and Rosamund Pike. If you’re planning to wear something a little less provocative, yet still gives a classy showcasing of cleavage, then demi-cups and half-cups are your friends. Along with their comfortable support, these pairs of bra are also the go-to undergarment by relatively skinny women who just needs a bit of a “push” to enhance and emphasize their breasts.

Young on the Outside, Granny on the Inside

If you’re planning to wear something too flowy or form-fitting (jumpsuit or tight trousers), it is highly-advisable to steer clear from briefs… Especially those so-called “granny panties”! Believe you us, this is the fastest way to become the source of ridicule and comic relief in an event. So unless you want to self-deprecate yourself in front of the entire party, don’t even think about wearing granny panties. As the perfect replacement, go for a more seamless and light panties like laced thongs and g-strings.

White and Tight, You Might Say?

Women’s shapewear can give your body the illusion of “going commando” on the red carpet because it alters, mimics and literally shapes on to your body figure, that it looks as though it’s your actual skin. This undergarment is ideal for light/white-colored garb, form-fitting dress, crop tops, and tube gowns.

How about you, girls, what do you think is the most comfortable and appropriate undergarment to wear with your party dress? Feel free to hit us with some comments!

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