Buying the Right Set of Lingerie for Different Body Types

As we always say here at Honey B, lingerie is for all women of sizes and shapes. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s no need for you to know body type when buying one.

This is one of the usual and very common misconceptions about availing a set of lingerie. In fact, a lot of women today are clueless (some perhaps in denial) about their body type, which ultimately winds up to getting the wrong pair or set. Just to be clear, these sets of fine intimate apparel don’t magically turn a body into an Aphrodite-like figure. One must know her correct measurements, curves and assets to effectively feel comfortably-sexy underneath your clothes.

So, to help you get the perfect lingerie that best suits your body type, here are some pointers:

For Pear-Shaped Body: Babydoll Set/Push Up Bra & Brief/Cami & Thong Set
What Not To Wear: Boy Shorts/Hipsters

Babydoll Set for Pear-Shaped Babydoll Set for Pear-Shaped

Babydolls have the flowy texture that somehow tones down the bottom half of your body without overshadowing it, as it emphasizes your upper torso, giving a well-balanced detail to your overall look. Moreover, thongs can be overwhelming for some, but others can handle it very well, especially when paired by a push-up bra. Meanwhile, a cami tones down your tummy as it lightly hugs through your waist curves.

On the other hand, avoid wearing boy shorts or hipsters, as it will over-highlight your hips and will only cause to draw attention to your lower body. This also applies for women with twerk-worthy booties.

For Skinny Women: Bustier and Corsets/Push Up Bra/Boy Shorts
What Not To Wear: Briefs and Camisole

Bustier for skinny body types Bustier for skinny body types

Most skinny women are not fully-endowed with a firm chest. Thank goodness for bustier and corsets, you can now accentuate your inferior part without thinking twice. Push up bras are also a go-to apparel to boost up your bust effortlessly. Partner this up with a pair of boy shorts to add up to your comfy-sexy mood.

You may want to stay clear from briefs and camisole. Although it can still complement your long, toned torso, wearing this could make-or-break your “sexiness”, as at times it can make your body look straight and stiff rather than giving you a nice, favorable curves.

For Plus Size and Apple-Shaped Body: Negligee/Chemise/Half Cup Bra
What Not To Wear: Thongs, Boy Shorts, Cami

Babydoll or chemise are both flatters plus size and apple-shaped body types Babydoll or chemise are both flatters plus size and apple-shaped body types

Full-figured/plus size women have an upper hand when it comes to chest measurements. This is usually your top asset, so might as well flaunt by trying a negligee or perhaps, a half cup bra. A chemise is also recommended, as it can delicately flatter your figure without giving you an uncomfortable feeling of being too curvy. Plus factor is that the see-through texture of chemise gives the right amount of visual while still leaves something to the imagination.

For Athletic body: Cami and Boy Shorts/Thongs and Bustier
What Not To Wear: Babydoll

Cami sets for women with athletic bodies Cami sets for women with athletic bodies

Women with athletic bodies can be a little too tricky. Sure, dressing them up with babydoll lingerie could still appease and suit their body shape, although some cuts could give them the “coat hanger look” rather than flatter their curves.

Just to be more on the safe and guaranteed side, go for the cami and boy shorts combo to showcase their flat abs and fine waist curves, while the thongs present their long, slender legs. Bustier is another option to exhibit their bust and waistline even more.

Overall, the job of sexy lingerie should be to complement your body – regardless of sizes and shapes – and not the other way around. Ergo, forcing a set that doesn’t practically showcase your best assets could only lead to a disappointing and frustrating conclusion.

Anymore input about this? Feel free to hit us up with a comment!

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