Going Solo This Valentine’s day? Here’s a List of some Cool Stuff to Do

All the single ladies, put your hands up!
Just so you know, being single doesn’t prohibit you from enjoying this coming hearts day. Ladies, a word of advice: TAKE YOURSELF OUT OF THE BELL JAR!

Power couples and married people don’t own Valentine’s Day for one thing, so instead of caging yourself inside the four corners of your room, eating a tub Ben & Jerry as you self-loathe in your PJs, might as well enjoy V-day as an independent woman… Or better yet, call your other single friends and conquer the city like Carrie Bradshaw and company and spend Valentine’s Day with this list of activities.

Go Lingerie Shopping

Screengrab from the movie, ElfBuying a set of intimate apparel doesn’t only apply to couples who want to do kinky stuff during Valentine’s Day. This activity is also for those single, happy women who just want to explore their sexiness even more in a comfortable and confident way! Besides, lingerie shopping is best done during this season because of left and right Valentine’s Sale.

Date Yourself

Date YourselfFancy dinner at Alinea, dessert at Serendipity, a couple of drinks-and-dance at Avalon, or maybe a spa treat, anywhere you want! Because sometimes, it’s not bad to date yourself! And so, people will say nasty things like “Oh, so you got stood up on V-Day?” A nice comeback such as “No, I just love myself now even more, enough to have myself as a date!” Now, that’s BOLD and FREE –Valentine style!

Date Your Friends

Date Your FriendsJust in case you want someone to join you in your “I’m single on Valentine’s Day” shenanigan, call your other single friends and party the night away by hitting the bar, or perhaps sing your jams by going to karaoke bistros. If you’re too reserved to be jumping one nightclub to another, then ready your Netflix for a night of chick-flick marathon, chill up some wine bottles, sort some tuneage from your “Singles” playlist and throw a slumber party!

Go on a Vacation/Staycation

Go on a Vacation-StaycationWhether going to a beach in the Caribbean or book a nice hotel just outside your city, going out of your usual comfort is very liberating at this time of the month. Who knows, you might get lucky and meet your Valentine as he lurks around somewhere near the beach or by the hotel lounge. If Cupid does not approve, that’s okay because the point here is to enjoy womanhood on Valentines.

Wear Something Sexy

Wear Something SexyAlso the perfect time to try out that babydoll lingerie you just bought earlier (see number 1 on the list). And since you’re on it, why not enjoy the red-painted hearts day wearing this! Cap the intimate scene with a glass of fine wine and maybe a Barry White playlist as you linger by the fireplace.

And as aforementioned a bit earlier, lingerie stores left and right are probably on sale. That includes Honey B! For details and inquiries about Honey B Sexy Valentine’s Day Sale, please leave a comment here or visit Honey B’s official page.

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