What’s the Perfect Lingerie For You this Valentine’s Day

Hearts day is just around the corner. And along with those chocolates encased in a heart-shaped box, full-blown roses in red, pink & white, candle-lit dinner and a night full of intimacy, lingerie is becoming one of the most important and probably a staple Valentine article.

Contrary to the old notion that lingerie is not for every girl, it is indeed for women who simply want to feel not only “sexy”, but also to feel a bit more comfortable with themselves, other than to tempt and make their own partners drool for a flirty night of Valentine shenanigans.

Whatever the case may be, wearing lingerie this coming Valentine’s Day will definitely complete the whole experience as it redefines your already stunning and confident character. And to prove that, here are some of Honey B’s collections that can go well with every woman of personality this coming love month.

Talk “NERDY” To Me

Talk “NERDY” To MeFor those girls who have more of a nerdy personality – you know, those erudite pony-tailed girls who have a significant knack for books, video games, comics, manga, music, movies, sci-fi and all things nerdy, a combination of white shirt-boyshorts is the perfect outfit for you. This balances comfort with a hint of sweet innocence that effectively exudes a subtle sexiness in you. Don’t forget the scrunchie and glasses!

The Pin-Up Temptress

The Pin-Up TemptressFor those of you, girls who are playful enough to give a deserved nod to the great Bettie Page, you can easily harness the pin-up queen’s sex appeal by wearing a bustier, and a high-waist panty paired with stockings or pantyhose, high-heels, a whip (optional) and loads of guts and feistiness that will make your Valentine’s Day a little more interesting. ‘WHAPUSHHH’

Sweet Twee Girls

Sweet Twee GirlsWomen who are still very much in touch with their inner-kid (tweetums, if you may) can show their cuteness with a little twist… This time, a different kind of babydoll is set to be played to add a little “matured” and alluring flavor to their perkiness. If you think you’re not ready for such intimate apparel, shapewear will pretty much accommodate your needs if you want a more subtle outfit as you spend hearts day with your “teddy bear”… Be it literally or metaphorically!

The Voluptuous Bombshell

The Voluptuous BombshellLarger than life women who are confident and comfortable with themselves should flaunt their assets even more! A half-cup bra paired with sultry hipsters, or perhaps a see-through babydoll complements your Valentine vibe as you unleash the “Marilyn” factor in you. Heck, just before you go “all breezy” underneath, might as well wear a white flowy dress to recreate the iconic “Seven Year Itch” subway grate scene right at the comfort of your own room.

Sporty Spice

Sporty SpiceAthletic women are already sexy as is. Normally, sports bra can already suffice the Valentine lingerie experience. But just to intensify the action a bit more, a camisole or a tank top and a pair of hipsters are the perfect 1-2 punch combo. Add a little kinkiness by wearing or holding something “sporty” for props like a football helmet, boxing gloves, crop top jersey or a ball. For sure, your sports fanatic partner will be very proud and thankful to have you!

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