Product Spotlight: The Perfect Curves and 3 Reasons Why It's For You

Honey B is kicking off this new site with two brand new bras tailored and fitted for our contemporary women.  Introducing the Perfect Curves Wired Bra and the Perfect Curves Wireless Bra.

These bras are made more than just for the everyday.  They represent the sheer elegance in a simple daily routine.  Sometimes, less is more, and with that motto in mind, we have woven comfort and fit into a single bra.  It’s that same warm, snug feeling you get when you make your morning coffee, slide into those pair of boots, or zip up your favorite dress.  These bras are made to be comfortable in.  We promise they will make your list of favorites!

The Perfect Curves Wireless bra uses a luxurious plush cotton that is soft as clouds on the skin.  The Perfect Curves Wired bra uses a microfiber mix to create a mix of support, comfort, and fit.   As an everyday bra, we made sure to sprinkle a bit of embellishments onto the bra: a little bow with a gorgeous tear drop jewel at the gore of the bra.

1.  Due to community demand, we’ve also made sure to add in plus sizes.  After all, everyone deserves to “b” sexy.  The Perfect Curves Wireless Bra comes in B cups all the way to DDD.  The Perfect Curves Wired Bra ranges from a B – G cup.

2. We’ve also made sure to strengthen the straps to provide lift and support for those with larger assets.  This bra is made for full bodied women.  No more scrawny straps.  Larger straps also help distribute the weight across the shoulders to lighten the load on the back.

3. We moved the clips of the adjustable straps to the back of the bra to make sure they don’t cut into the shoulder – a common problem for a woman with large bosoms, which can push down on the straps.  The clips are strategically placed near the shoulder blade area instead of the upper back to help relieve unneeded clipping.

We have you covered, ladies.

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