6 Must Have Bras: Solutions for Every Occasion

There are many different styles of bras out there but there are a few styles that every woman should have: the T-shirt bra, racerback bra, push-up bra, demi bra, convertible demi bra and the seamless bra. These styles can complement a variety of different outfits and allow you to feel and look your best. Keep reading to find out what these styles are all about…


T-shirt Bra

 The T-shirt bra is a bra that is made to be unseen under tight, fitted clothing. The molding of the cup is rounded which allows for a natural round breast shape. This style will hold you up, with no ‘boob spillage’ and best of all, it is comfortable. A T-shirt bra is for your most natural, comfortable look.


2 This racerback bra has a lace back, with a front closure and has a t-shirt bra front.


The racerback bra is great for both casual and dressy occasions. The racerback bra is all about the back design and they can go anywhere from lace, to straps, to just plain fabric. With this style, the straps are brought a little more inward to your neck and the back is inbetween your shoulder blades. This allows you to wear racerback blouses, shirts, tank tops and shirt with cut in armholes (which show more of your shoulders/collar bones).



Push-Up Bra

The design of the push-up bra is all about the cup. In a push-up bra, there is extra padding at the bottom of the cups, right above the underwire. This allows for the breast to look bigger and higher than they are. Most push-up bras will add 2-4 cup sizes to your breast. Wear this bra to make your breasts look fuller in clothing. This type of bra can be good for many occasions: match it with regular clothing to run errands, or pair it with your favorite dress for going out.



Demi (Padless) Bra

Similarly, the demi bra is also all about the cup. This type of cup is known as a ½ or ¾ cup. This type of coverage on a cup creates cleavage and uplifts your bust. Made with a tilt that allows for cleavage exposure, the design of the half cups creates lift for the breasts.  This is what makes it different from the push-up bra, which uses extra padding to create lift. It is great to have a demi bra when wearing a nice fitted dress or any article of clothing with a deep neckline. Most demi bras are laced and fancy, so they also go great with clothing that have deep armholes which can allow the beautiful lace to peek out.



Convertible Bra

The convertible bra can be worn in different ways. You can unhook/take off the straps, flip them around and change up the style. As seen in the photo to the left, this is a demi convertible bra with the regular straps. You can leave the front as is and criss cross the back, as seen in the photo on the right, making it a racerback. This bra is great for tops that have different straps; one shoulder, off the shoulder, strapless, boat neck, backless, etc.

The different ways you can position the straps:

  • Regular straight straps
  • criss cross front
  • criss cross back
  • one shoulder
  • one strap from one side on the front to the opposite side on the back
  • strapless
  • halter


The seamless bra is made from a machine the knits the entire garment at one time. Therefore, there are no seams. This type of bra can be padless, but can come with a slit to add pads if you would like. The bra uses gathers and tighter knits to create support. Seamless bras can come in a bralette form (as seen in the photo), sports bras, sleep bras, nursing bras and even push-up sports bras. This style is the most comfortable of the 6. Seamless bras usually come in size as S,M,L,XL etc. or S/M, L/XL etc. Usually two or more bra sizes can fit into one size due to the stretch in the fabric of the bra.  White the knit has a lot of stretch, it also has elasticity, which allows the fabric to go back to its normal shape after being stretched.

We hope you learned something and have an idea of what bra to buy or wear with your next outfit! Stay bold and feel sexy in your own skin at all times! And make sure to always have the different styles of bras to accommodate your different outfits.

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