A Brief Look at the History of Lingerie


Since it’s that time of year, we here at Honey b thought it would be fun to look back in history, on the many different styles of lingerie. There has been many different ways on making lingerie, the way people look/think about lingerie and how much a woman’s lingerie is exposed, from the 1900’s until today. So check out these photos and see the difference from then to now…

11900s- This is a pink brocade corset from 1907. This type of lingerie was worn under all clothing, all day; unlike today.

21920s- This is a French silk/lace slip that was worn in the 1920s. This is a piece in which people will wear as just a dress today.



1940s- In the 1940s, the bullet bra was made to be very pointy and stick out, of the body. (Italian Cotton)


1960s- This was the start of better development in underwear technology. The technology gave women the ability to create/design any style/shape of bra the desired. Thus the start of the first recognizable ‘modern’ shapes for bras. (As seen in the photo-A demi bra.)


1980s- The decade was the beginnings of thongs, g-strings and the bodysuit. (As Cher wore.)


2000- This is when the Victoria’s Secret fashion show got very big, with the well known models and the larger than life, unique designs.


Today- Now-a-days lingerie is worn as outerwear more than ever. Bras and bralettes are shown either under a sheer top or from peeking out of the side of tops.

         We also want everyone to know that you are beautiful and sexy in your own skin. Love yourself and your body and keep it healthy. There will never be one type of beauty, so don’t try to be someone else or look like someone else, because you are just perfect the way you are-- as you! Shop for something that you love, something you always wanted and never bought, or just shop for something new that will help you feel and look more confident and sexy! The magic of lingerie is that it can enrapture and comfort, allowing you to face the day knowing you can make all your dreams come true!

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