The Balconette Bra

Among the plethora of bra types Honey B makes, I must admit I do have a favorite: the balconette.

Marilyn Monroe in a balconette bra. Marilyn Monroe in a balconette bra.

First developed in the late 1930’s, the bra started off slowly and only began to gain traction in mainstream fashion in the 1950’s.  The name “Balconette” derives from the word balcony.

However, as one tries to explain the connection between the name and its origins, things get murky.  The most popular explanation is that the bra looks similar to a “little balcony”.  The other, less plausible explanation, is that when one looks down from a balcony, the balconette bra is not visible.

IB8402 RED DETAIL The Madeline Bra

The balconette bra offers less coverage than a full-cup bra.  What makes the balconette bra a fan favorite is how the U-shaped under-wire and half cups uplift and emphasize the decolletage (upper torso) of the female body, enhancing the breasts and shoulders.  It provides a provocative feel with comfort, creating a beautiful balance between the two.

Did we also mention that the balconnette also provides support from the bottom of the bra?  This means your boobs will appear fuller and rounder!

And yes we do have a favorite balconette braTHE MADELINE.


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