The Shade of Lingerie: Finding the Perfect Color for Your Body

There are tons of ways to mix and match lingerie—pairing trim colors together, matching patterns, etc.  Lingerie can also play up the colors of your own body.  Instead of wearing lingerie, why not let the lingerie wear you?  After all, lingerie is supposed to make us feel sexy and accentuate our curves.

Lina_Posada-Besame_GC_Celebutopia_36 The white lace really compliments the blonde here, while accenting the complexion.

So how do you match lingerie with your body?

Usually there’s three starting points for color: the eyes, the hair, and the skin.

1. Starting with the eyes: Find something that'll help accentuate the color.  Usually the way to go about doing this is pairing up similar color tones.  For those blue eyed bombshells, try some different shades of blue.  For graceful green pupils, try the olives or earthy hues.  Beautiful brown eyed women should look into purples, browns, and darker tones.

Matching eye color with lingerie can really bring attention to the eyes.  It'll be hard to make the admirers stop staring.

2. Moving onto hair colors: the rules of the game here is to make sure the lingerie does not wash out the facial complexion.  Pick a color too dark, and the delicate balance will be broken, creating a disjointed look.

Blondes should stick to the pastels.  The lingerie should compliment the hair, not overpower it.  Brunettes should look into earthier colors and playful prints; the colors must be bold enough to balance the darker hair.

Hair color and lingerie color should harmonize and play off of each other.

3. Pairing lingerie with skin color can be a different story.  You can play into the color of the skin by matching up similar colors  (light colored lingerie with light skin) or create an contrast that playfully flirts with the other’s differences (light colored lingerie on dark skin).

The Bottom Line: Be bold and play up the colors to who you are and your strong points. Find a color that really lets the world know who you are.  Confidence is the most important ingredient to making the colors work.  Go out there an rock what you wear!

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