10 Clothing Hacks You Need to Know!

  1. Repairing ripped stockings: Did you ever get a tear in your stockings? Of course you did! Well to prevent it from getting worse, just dap clear nail polish over the hole. This will make the fibers stick together and stop the hole from becoming larger.
  2. Making bra straps stay hidden: Did you ever wear a racerback and didn’t want your bra straps to show? Well there are many ways to fix this problem! The obvious tip is to get a racerback or a convertible bra! The ‘quick fix’ tip is to take a paper clip and clip you two shoulder straps together. Another fix is to buy bra strap clips; you can get them on ebay for as low as $0.99!!2
  3. Making tight bras fits: Is your favorite bra just a little too tight? Well there are hook & eye bra extensions! This will allow you to wear your favorite bras that may fit in the front but not so much in the back. Extensions ease the back wings with added inches.333
  4. Making sure dresses stay where they are: Do you have a dress, a tank top or a skirt that always rides up when you wear it? Well for this ‘quick fix’ just take double sided or fashion/hem tape and apply it to the hem on your garment and stick the other side to your skin or another layer of clothing!4
  5. Making heels work on any terrain: We all know how absolutely annoying it is to wear heels in the dirt, and have your heel stick with every step! There are heel stoppers/heel grass protectors. You just put them on your heel and it has a little round platform so your heel will not get stuck in the dirt/cracks/holes anymore.555
  6. Cleaning jeans without the washer: NEVER WASH YOUR JEANS! It is now said that you shouldn’t wash your jean (only hand spot washed). It is best to fold your jeans, put them in a freezer/zip-lock bag and just stick them in the freezer over night. This will kill bacteria and remove odors.6
  7. Removing deodorant stains: Getting rid of deodorant stains is easier than you think. When you get deodorant on you clothing, just take the foam from a dry cleaning hanger and rub it off! If you do not have the foam slip, use an unwanted sock.7
  8. Making makeup stains go away: Ever make the mistake of putting makeup on and THEN getting dressed? If this happens, just take a little shaving cream to the stain and dap it until it comes off.8
  9. Tightening glasses: Do you have a pair of glasses that are just getting too lose? For this ‘quick fix’ just take clear nail polish and apply it to the screws. This will make the arms tighter.9
  10. Cleaning suede shoes: Next time you get dirt on your suede shoes, just use a nail file to get it off! Rub the nail file lightly along your shoes and it will clean the dirt off.10
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