5 Reasons why lingerie is important

Here at Honey B, we believe that lingerie is just as important as outer garments if not more important. There is just something provocatively alluring about lacey panties touching against skin and a bra hugging the body. Lingerie is intimate and emotional. It instills sexy and confidence. It repairs broken marriages (okay, maybe we stretching it a bit, but you get the point). Lingerie is more than just fabric-- it can be an alter ego.

1 ) Makes a woman feel sexy- Lacey panties, push up bras, stockings, garter belts, corsets, bustiers, and thongs give that extra little boost of confidence. Wearing Lingerie underneath clothing makes a woman feel more like a woman. It celebrates sexuality no matter what size she is. It makes the women feel, as Webster's puts it, “excitingly appealing” (the very definition of sexy). That is exactly how we want our customers to feel.  Honey B believes that sexy is not the way someone looks but the way someone feels. Lingerie gives women an extra pep in their step.
Empowers women2 ) Empowers Women- Being a woman is not about looking like one; being a woman is about feeling like one.  Lingerie helps women feel feminine.  The lace decorates and accentuates a woman's beauty.  Snugly fit pieces help accentuate her curves.  Lingerie brings confidence and can captivate admirers. Women have the power to have an entire room stare at them. Lingerie reminds her that being feminine makes her strong.

Makes a woman feel sexy3 ) Provides Support- Another reason why lingerie is important, is how much support it provides.Push-up bras and sports bras keep everything in place. Push-up bras lift the bust up to prevent sagging. Push-up bras also help keep the breasts together and so they appear larger. Sports bras move all the support and weight of the bust towards the back. This results in less jiggling of the bust when running.

Panties such as thongs and cheekies help the buttocks appear bigger since it does not cover it fully. Hiphuggers and briefs cover more while keeping everything compact. Hiphuggers start at the hip so they are more of a sexy feel while still providing coverage in the back. Briefs provide the most coverage. These are recommended for women who have more “Junk in the Trunk”-- an attribute many shouldn't be ashamed of; if it needs to be covered, briefs will do the trick while holding more in one place.

Garter belts are beautiful function garments that keep stockings from riding down the legs. Corsets and Bustiers are an extension of a bra to help keep an hourglass figure. This is because of all the boning (Wire) in the seams. Babydolls could be defined as a bra with a dress. This is explained to be a sexy little dress for a special night. Teddies are fitted bodysuits that make the body appearslimmer and sexier. These are usually transparent to show off that feminine beautiful body. Lingerie isn’t just “sexy”; it also has detailed functions.

Spices up relationship4 ) Spices up a relationship- After being together for a long time, some people in marriages and relationships lose their spark. The connection weakens and the passions fades. Lingerie can restore a boring relationship into something exciting. Relationships and marriages can get boring if the same thing happens day to day. Lingerie such as baby dolls, teddies, or garter belts can create a sexy surprise for a partner. Lingerie reignites passion with novelty.  Things that were once boring can be fun again!

5 ) It’s more than just clothing-Lingerie can showcase a woman's personality. It helps defines a woman as beautiful, feminine, strong, and elegant. It creates a sense of excitement every time she puts it on. It is a bold sexy wrapped in  black and red lace. For others, it is a freeing sexy adorned with pink and white lace.

Lingerie comes in different pieces for different personalities.  Lace bras and panties are for when a woman is feeling confident and bold. Comfort bras are for when a woman wants to feel beautiful in her skin but also sexy. Some women prefer lacey lingerie over non-laced counterparts depending on her preferences. Lingerie shows personality.

Lingerie is more than just important to a woman. It is important to those around her. It shows us who a woman is-- her preferences, desires, dreams and fantasies. Women are special to Honey B. That is why we treat her with what she deserves: Honey B lingerie.

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