Bra sizes: Are you in the correct bra size?

64 percent are wearing the wrong size bra” according to Women's Wear Daily. “Out of that 64 percent, 29 percent know they are wearing the wrong size." Many women do not wear the proper bra size because they have not been measured or use an outdated size! It is important to get measured for a bra size every 6 months. This is important because bra sizes can change due to how much weight someone loses or gains.

How Do Bra Sizes Work:


Some of you may be wondering how bra sizes work. Well, we are here to answer all the questions. Bra sizes always come with a number and a letter for example: 34C. The number indicates the band size and the letter indicates the cup size. The band size is the most important. It is the circumference of your rib cage. The cup measures the volume or size of your bust. Bra sizes could be as little as 30AA or as big as 42G. Many women come in all shapes and sizes. A woman can have a small band size such as 32 but is a DDD. A woman can also have a large circumference such as 38 but could be a B the cup size.

The importance of sister sizes:


Sister Sizes are Bra sizes that are relatively similar to each other. This means sister sizes could hold the same cup volume but have a different band measurement. The way they work is when the band size increases, the cup size decreases. It also works the other way around. When the band size decreases, the cup size increases. Some sister sizes are 34D and 36C. Sometimes a sister size can fit you better than your own size. If your band is too big or small try using your sister size. Another reason to use your sister size is if your cup size is small or too big. If both the band size and the cup size do not fit, a sister size may or may not be an option.

 How do I Know if I am in the wrong Bra size:

Symptoms of being in the wrong bra size:

  • The band is rides up.   The band is too big and you need to go down a band size
  • the band digs in. the band is too small and you need to go up a band size.
  • The cup wrinkles. When the cup wrinkles or has gaps this means you need to go down a cup size.
  • Spillage occurs. Lastly, when spilling occurs it means you need to go up a cup size. Spilling is when the bust is not covered more than 85% by the cup.

How to measure correct size:

To measure your correct size just takes a few easy steps. Simply take a measuring tape and follow along. With a non push up bra:

  1. Take the measuring tape under the bust
  2. If the measurement is even add 2”, if odd add 3”
  3. With arms at your sides, measure the fullest part of the bust
  4. If the number falls in between inches, round up
  5. Subtract band measurement from cup measurement.


  • Less than 1” =AA
  • 1” = A
  • 2”=B
  • 3”=C
  • 4”=D
  • 5=DD/E
  • 6”-DDD-G

The hook should be on the first hook and eye.


The importance of wearing the right bra size:

Being in the right bra size means you can fit two fingers in the band when it is being worn. Also, the cup covers the bust without spilling or gaps. The last rule is that the straps should not fall off! If they do, then the cup size is too big. The importance of wearing the correct bra size helps you stay healthy, comfortable and happy. All the weight from the bust is distributed evenly. The back is relaxed and so are the shoulders. When you find your correct bra size, everything will fill just right. Maybe you will forget you even had a bra on, but will still feel sexy.

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