If you think there is only one use for clear nail polish, then you are mistaken! Here are some great ways to use your clear nail polish to fix problems we all know of.

Costume Jewlery

  1. Costume jewelry- Put clear nail polish inside your jewelry to prevent it from tinting your skin green.Nail Polish Smudge Proof Label
  2. Smudge proof labels- Your homemade labels will no longer smudge with a coat of clear nail polish over the words! It'll even be waterproof!
  3. Don’t like licking an envelope? Need a less flimsier envelope? Use clear nail polish on the edges that will not stay down, on the parts that will not stick, or use it on the whole opening!Needle and Thread Nail Polish
  4. Do you ever have trouble threading your needle, even with a needle threader? Just put clear nail polish on the tip of the thread, let it dry, and put it right through!Nail Polish and Screws
  5. Tighten loose screws!  Coat the screw with clear nail polish, then put the screw back in and let the nail polish dry. This should add durability and tightness to the screw and hole.Nail Polish and Loose buttons
  6. Do you have any loose buttons? Coat a thin layer of clear nail polish to the center of the button to prevent the button from coming loose.Rust stains and nail polish
  7. Avoid rust stains- Coat the bottom of a shaving-cream cans (or other metallic cylinders!) in the bathroom to prevent the ring on the tube.
    8 Belt buckles and nail polish
  8. Protect That Shine - Put a coat of clear nail polish on belt buckles, jewelry, buttons etc that have shine or a metal look to them.  Keep 'em shining!Knits and Nail Polish
  9. Prevent knits from unraveling- Have a lace garment that has a snag or a small cut but don't want the edges to fray or unravel? Put a coat of clear nail polish on damaged part to prevent the knits from unraveling. You can also do this on rope and shoes laces instead of burning them.Matches and Nail Polish
  10. Waterproof Matches - Going on a camping trip and are taking matches with you? If you are going outdoors and have matches, apply clear nail polish to the tips of the match to protect them from water or rain.

We hope these tips are useful for you and you try them out! Share and comment any tips of your own!

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