5 Must Have Pieces For the summer

Boy have we got a treat for you guys today.  This week we’re featuring our product picks for the summer and why you should pick them up for your wardrobe!  It’s time to bring the heat, girls!

Exotic Sunrise Bra

The Exotic Sunrise Bra

This has always been one of Honey B’s more unique bras, making it a longtime customer favorite.  The exotic sunrise bra is one of the few bras with embellishment pieces actually sewn onto the bra.  The embroidery speaks volumes.  It’s like fine art painted onto a bra.  Let your body become the canvas for this gorgeous picturesque piece.

But what’s even more eye catching is that the color contrasts really make the bra’s details pop.    With the color combinations, you will be able to find the perfect one for you: pink and ivory for the day, dark and purple for night.

Peachy Lace Chemie

The Peachy Lace Chemise

The Peachy Lace Chemise is a our popular chemise that uses vertical flowing lace.  Vertical lines slim your appearance (as opposed to horizontal lines that widen your figure).  At the same time however, it makes sure to not slim TOO MUCH by spacing out the pattern, revealing all the sexy parts they want to see.

The low neckline, purposefully snugger fit up top, the revealing pattern, all come into complimenting your figure and bringing out the best of what you have.

Plus, this peachy lace chemise comes with a matching panty.  Who doesn’t want free underwear?

 Jane Comfort Bra

Jane Seamless Comfort Bra

Our summer list wouldn’t be complete with a comfort bra.  With a delicate Nylon and Spandex fabric mix, the bra is made to create the perfect stretch. It also uses sweat wicking technology to keep you dry during those hot summer days.  Laze around in this amazingly comfortable bra or go on a run and keep dry with it--- you’ll thank us later when you try one for yourself!

Our Jane Bra also comes in plus sizes. Comfort doesn’t discriminate!

Exotic Sunrise Panty

Exotic Sunrise Panty

Seriously, we had to mention it twice, because why not have a matching pair of panties to go along with a gorgeous bra?  The best part is that you’ll be able to get 3 of these in a pack.  Mix and match! Perfect for blossoming summertime intimacy.

With the perfect stretch fit elasticized waist band, this panty combines summer looks with summer comfort!

 Cotton Comfort Panties

Cotton Comfort Panties

Last but definitely not is our Cotton Comfort Panties.  These run in beautiful heather watermelon red, lime green, and grey.  Everyone needs a pair of cute, casual, cotton underwear for the summer.  Made with ultra-lite and buttery soft, these panties will have you in underwear heaven.


Summer has only begun.  Give it a jump start with these 5 new items.  You sure won’t regret it.

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