All You Need to Know About Shapewear!

The ‘new thing’ is to have that seamless body look, and the way to achieve that is by wearing shapewear. Most people might think it restricts comfortable breathing, but that isn’t always true.

1 Shaping Vest / Tank top


What shapewear is all about:

This type of lingerie is made to ‘keep your body in place’. It will make whatever you are wearing looked fitted and keep your body seamless. For most women, they like to wear shapewear because it makes them feel and look sexier.

3 Waist Cincher

1)It is invisible under clothing, giving the appearance of ‘clean lines’.
2) Shapewear slims the figure.

4 Before and after using shapewear!

3) There is also active shapewear that compliments weight loss and fitness programs.

5 Bodysuit Shapewear

4) Wearing it daily will also allow you to eat less.

7 From a different angle, this time.

5) Shapewear will also make you have better posture by keeping your body upright and straight.


The DON’TS to wearing shapewear:

9 Heed the advice and you'll be smiling in no time.


1) In order to feel comfortable and still having your breath, don’t wear more than one layer of shapewear on the same section of your body.
2) Don’t try and squeeze into a size smaller than you are. Yes, shapewear should be tight, but just not that tight.
3) Do not sleep in your shapewear; sleep comfortable in pj’s! Shapewear is not made to be worn all day and all night.

10 Shaping Shorts

4) Last but definitely not least, DO NOT wear shapewear and have it showing outside/over your clothes. There is no problem with wearing shapewear, and feeling great, but no one wants to see it. Shapewear is to make your clothes look better, so have you outfits being the focal point.

8 Corset


The DO’s about wearing lingerie:

1) Wear your correct size, is number one, and most important. Shapewear is already made to be fitted/tight to your regular size. So there just is no need to get a smaller or bigger size.
2) While wearing your shapewear under your outfits, it is best to have on the correct color. If you are wearing white or light pastel colors, wear white shapewear and undergarments. If you have on dark color like blues, black, browns, then wear black shapewear. Also if you have on body tone colors pinks, light purples, than wear nudes or skin tone shapewear.  Most shapewear comes in the three main colors, black, white, nude, but if you can find the color of your looks, that’s best.
3) Finally, wear the correct styles for the type of clothing you have on. There are a many styles in shapewear, and below you can find a few that works best for different outfits.

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