5 Common Misconceptions of Lingerie

1/ I avoid tight bras because they give me back fat.

sizingbackfat ABOVE: A woman with well fitted band. BELOW: A woman with too big of a band. Adjusting the straps to compensate creates bulges know as "back fat"

Actually, wearing a better fitting cup with a smaller band size lower at the mid-back will reduce the bulge from excessive lumping of skin.  This lump is in fact caused by looser fitting bands riding up the back, scrunching the skin together and creating the dreaded “back fat”.  Tighter bands stay in place; looser bands won’t.

Plus, if comfort is the primary concern, there are seamless bras available such as bralettes or sports bras that don’t have underwire and thus are easier on the skin.

2/ Shoulder straps is the main support of the bra.

The anatomy of a wire The anatomy of a bra

This is perhaps the most common misconception, and also perhaps why so many women wear incorrect bra sizes.  According to a study conducted in 2008, about 80% women wear incorrect sizes.**

In fact, most of the support of the bra comes from the band, not the straps.  That’s why strapless bras are possible.  This also means since most oft eh support originates from the bands, throw out bras when they start loosing their original snappiness.

Loose fitting bras can cause health problems—back pain and muscle cramps.


3/ Underwire bras will help shape my boobs.

Exotic Sunrise Underwire Bra A standard underwire bra by Honey B.


Scientific studies have shown that they don’t.  Unfortunately studies have shown bras don’t actually help with sagging.  We’ve written a post about it before.  Sorry ladies.  Of course, that’s not to say we shouldn’t wear bras.  Bras help push up the breasts.  They are also fashion accessories that can add flavor to outfits.


4/ Good lingerie is expensive.



Originally a lingerie manufacturer, we at Honey B know the ridiculous markups private brand labels make.  Retailers often mark up lingerie simply because they can—not because the products cost more.  Brands are powerful because they can alter the image of what’s being sold.

At the end of the day, they may still only be selling the a product that can be bought elsewhere, from a generic brand,  at a much cheaper price.  Quality does not correlate to price.

print-dollar-sign-large "Quality does not correlate to price."


To prevent this problem, Honey B manufactures their own lingerie, offering it directly to customers.  Quality lingerie desined in the US at affordable prices.

Additionally, great quality lingerie can be bought with prudent shopping practices—timing purchases during promotions, buying on sales and outlets, etc.

Good lingerie, overall, is a very general term.  To find the perfect piece, try to examine the physical fit, craftsmanship, and overall match (does it fit your personality?  Does it bring out the right features?) of lingerie before considering the price.  Price should be a side constraint, not an indicator of quality.

5/ The largest bra size is a DD.

With the advent of plus size lingerie, DD is no longer the ‘largest’ size any more.  DD is usually the “standard” size to end at before moving into the plus sizes.

The reason why DD is often thought of as the largest size is due to the limits of the manufacturing of these pieces—most machines that mold bra cups go up to only DD, which thus has become the standardized “largest size”.  However, recently, the demand has pushed manufacturers to increase bra sizes past DD.

Our biggest bra comes in a G cup.

The Perfect Curves Wired Bra Our Perfect Curves Wired Bra comes in 34B - 46G


The woman with the biggest breasts in the world needs a whopping 102ZZZ bra.

biggest breast Meet Annie, the current record holder for the world's largest natural sized breasts



We hope you've learned something about the mystical world of lingerie.  Check us out next week for our next episode!




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**: Wood, K; Cameron, Melainie; Fitzgerald, Kylie (2008). "Breast Size, Bra Fit and Thoracic Pain in Young Women: A Correlational Study"Chiropractic & Osteopathy 16: 1. doi:10.1186/1746-1340-16-1PMC 2275741PMID 18339205.

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