Tips for a More Organized Lingerie Drawer

Choosing what lingerie to wear everyday can sometimes be a chore, especially if you fail to have a proper storage for all your intimate apparel.

Top Tips for Organized Lingerie Collection

Spending some of your precious time sorting through your lingerie drawer every morning, just to find a pair that works with your outfit can be really frustrating. Imagine seeing your brand new lace bra tangled with your old thong or the clasp of your t-shirt bra ripping the lace of your cheekini. Aside from the fact that an ugly bikini or ill-fitting bra can absolutely ruin your day, it also diminishes the value of your precious lingerie.

To preserve the beauty and comfort of your lingerie, it’s essential to store your intimates properly. Here are three-step guide for a more organized lingerie drawer.

Declutter: Sort, throw away and don’t think twice

You may find more than fifty pairs of lingerie in your drawer, but do you actually wear all of those? Bring out all your bras and panties and decide which of them deserves to stay with you and which ones deserve to be tossed away. If you haven’t worn it in a year, toss it. If the color has faded or there’s a stubborn stain on it, toss it. If the elasticity is gone or the wire is already poking through the fabric, toss it away!

You might be worried that there will be just a few good pieces left for you but, believe us when we say it’s much better to own few high quality lingerie pieces than to have a whole drawer of ill-fitting ones.

Invest in decent lingerie organizers
Now that you’re able to trim down the clutter in your lingerie drawer, you can go and plan how you can properly store it in your cabinet. This is the best time to purchase lingerie organizers, drawer divider or specialized hanger to make organizing easier.

Most panties and thongs can be folded and stored inside a drawer. Thankfully, they don’t take up too much space but remember to separate your everyday panties from your special occasion bikinis so you can easily choose what to wear everyday. You can also sort your panties by color or style if you really want to have easier access to your intimate apparel.

When it comes to bra, you can simply lay it flat on your drawer if you have enough space, or half twist it to place one cup upside down on top of the other. Both of these methods ensure that you don’t ruin the shape of your bra and makes it easier to take it out when it’s time to wear it.

Chemises, Babydolls and camisoles can be hung using a lingerie hanger to avoid folds and creases on the fabric. There is no use buying a sexy baby doll set if they will just be flattened out inside your cabinet.

Need more tips on how to properly store your lingerie? In our next post we’re going to give you more lingerie storage ideas and few suggestions on how you can start growing your own lingerie collection.

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