Bras & Sagging

There exists the age old question: do bras actually prevent sagging?

In the scientific world, the condition is called ptosis (pronounced toe-sis, the p is silent) and is a natural consequence of aging.  However, there’s a bunch of other factors that help accelerate the dropping—smoking, pregnancies, higher BMI, breast size, substantial weight loss / gain.

6 Many different factors contribute to boob sagging.


Medical studies have been done and the conclusion is pretty surprising.  The answer is pretty strong no:  bras don’t prevent sagging, for a number of reasons.

Many experts have commented on idea.  Professor of Surgery at the University of Wales, Robert Mansell explains “bras don’t prevent breasts from sagging.  With regard to stretching of the breast ligaments and dropping in later life, that occurs very regularly anyway, and that’s a function of the weight, often of heavy breasts, and these women are wearing bras and it doesn’t prevent it.”

Dr. Rouillon has also recently published a report on a study spanning 15 years on the study of bras and breasts.  Of the sample size (350 women), he found that “breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity”.  Even more astonishing is that he found that on average, the non bra-wearers’ nipples lifted on average 7 mm in relation to the shoulders.  However, Dr. Rouillon asks us to take these findings with a grain of salt.  He emphasized that his findings were “preliminary results” and were not representative of the entire population.

It’s safe to say that bras DON’T prevent sagging.

download The verdict is no, but should we really care?

But are we really asking the right question here?

Women don't just wear bras to keep their boobs from sagging.  There are lots of other reasons women wear bras.  Some wear bras just to accessorize their outfits or feel pretty.  Who doesn’t like to have lace on their boobs? How about a pushup that help accentuate the bosom?  Or using a bra to match an outfit?  Or a pushup to bring out their curves?

At the end of the day, boobs come in all sizes.  They don’t need to be big and perky to be perfect.  In fact, diversity is what makes the world so wonderful.  Variety is the spice of life, and with bralettes, pushups, demi’s, we have a plethora of bras to add flavor to the clothing we wear. We should love boobs regardless of shape, because each set is beautiful in their own right.


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  • Jane Paire
    Jane Paire June 10, 2015

    I think you're missing a marketing opportunity. I wear compression bras-
    (athletic bras) to minimize discomfort, pain after breast surgery. I've never seen anybody advertise bras for that reason, but I imagine there are a lot of women who need that kind of bra for post surgery comfort. Doctors don't tell you how to minimize that kind of discomfort. I found it on the internet.

    • Honey B
      Honey B June 11, 2015

      We totally agree, bra can help ease / minimize pain especially after surgery. This is definitely something we'll want to explore. Thanks Jane!

  • […] Unfortunately studies have shown bras don’t actually help with sagging.  We’ve written a post about it before.  Sorry ladies.  Of course, that’s not to say we shouldn’t wear bras.  Bras […]

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